Health & Safety

2019-2021 Objectives & Targets

Sending everyone home safe and well at the end of every working day remains our ultimate safety priority.

To help us achieve this goal, we will begin to use the Risk Management Maturity Model (RM3) to assess our ability to successfully manage health and safety risks, help identify areas for improvement and provide a  benchmark for year on year improvements.

Working with our Health and Safety Leadership Team, and supported by our Regional Workforce Safety Committees, we will implement our 2019 Improvement Plan. This will guide us to our target of a zero Accident Frequency Rate and zero Dangerous Occurrences.

Objectives Targets
Provide a health and safe place of work for all our people and the communities in which we  work Achieve a zero AFR
Achieve zero Dangerous Occurrences
Maximise our workforce’s health and well-being All employees to have an Occupational Health Assessment

Complete Mates in Mind State the Conversation training to 100% of our workforce

Identify, train and appoint 10 Mental Health First Aiders
Engage with our workforce to create a vibrant health and safety culture Hold 4 Workforce Safety Committees meetings in each area of operation
Hold 2 No. Safety stand down day/year

2017/2018 Highlights 

In 2018, we issued Personal Commitment Cards to all employees to drive change in behaviours and culture.

The cards give everyone working for, or on behalf of, Griffiths the power to stop any activity that is not being carried out in a safe manner. They demonstrate the commitment of our Directors and Senior Managers to always support anyone who prevents an unsafe act and assists in putting things right. Empowering our employees in this way, and resolving problems together, we’ll develop better, safer ways of working.

With the aim of maintaining the highest levels of health and wellbeing amongst our workforce, we have been rolling out the Mates in Mind mental health awareness and education programme. In only four months we have delivered the Start the Conversation module to 72% of our workforce.

Having developed a Health & Safety Site Induction video using the children
of employees, our Newtown Bypass Project was delivered ahead of schedule, with 1,400,000 manhours worked without a reportable injury.