2019-2021 Objectives & Targets

Our aim is to provide the infrastructure to support a vibrant economy and cohesive communities without a detrimental effect on the environment.

We understand our operations may have environmental consequences and work hard to remove, minimise and offset any negative impacts.

Producing project-specific Environmental Management Plans is standard practice on all our projects and we will continue to take all opportunities to enhance local biodiversity and incorporate new habitats into our projects.

Reducing our impact on climate change and natural resource remains a key long-term objective. We have now achieved our target of a 20% reduction in carbon emissions intensity by 2020 and now focus our efforts on an 80% reduction by 2050. We have also signed up to the Waste to Wealth campaign which aims to eliminate avoidable waste by 2030.

We will continue to up-skill and educate our workforce, clients and stakeholders on sustainability, living within our means and protecting the environment for future generations.

Objectives Targets
Minimise our demand on natural resources through effective waste management, reuse and recycling Maintain at least 90% of excavation waste diverted from landfill
Eliminate avoidable waste by 2030
Reduce our impact on climate change Achieve a 80% reduction in organisational carbon emission intensity by 2050
Maintain and enhance biodiversity and ecological resilience and minimise our impact on the natural environment Zero environmental incidents

2017/2018 Highlights

As a growing business, we are working extremely hard to ensure our  emissions, waste and impact on the natural environment all remain as low as possible.

Our main focus has remained on achieving our long-term carbon emissions reduction targets. Over the last 12 months, investment in new plant, vehicles and equipment has resulted in a 23% reduction from our 2012 baseline. However, we recognise that the type of work we have undertaken has also played a significant role in this reduction.We have maintained our re-use and recycling rates with over 90% of waste streams diverted from landfill.

Our projects have also demonstrated environmental best practice wining two industry environmental awards. Our Great Western Rail Bridge Reconstruction Projects at Hawse Lane and Green Lane was recognised by Network Rail for waste reduction measures and A379 Slapton Line Reconstruction Project recognised by the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transport for minimising environmental impact within a Sites of Special Scientific Interest.