2017/18 Objectives & Targets

Our projects aim to enhance the built environment and improve the quality of life of the communities in which we work.

However, in doing so we understand our operations may have environmental consequences.

Protecting the environment from any negative impact is standard practice on all of our projects. This year we will increase our efforts on enhancing biodiverse natural environments and supporting ecological resilience by reducing our impact on climate change and minimising our demand on natural resources.

We will continue to upskill and educate our workforce and stakeholders on sustainability, living within our means and protecting the environment for future generations.

2016/17 Highlights

2016 was our third consecutive year without an environmental incident.

As a growing business, we are working extremely hard to ensure our emissions, waste and impact on the natural environment all remain as low as possible. Our main focus has remained on minimising construction waste and reducing carbon emissions from our plant and fleet.

Objectives Targets
Minimise our demand on natural resources through effective waste management, reuse and recycling Reduce Total Construction, Demolition and Excavation waste by 5%

Achieve 90% of Excavation waste diverted from landfill

Reduce our impact on climate change Achieve a 5% reduction in organisational carbon emissions intensity

Reduce cost of business travel by 10% based on new 2016 baseline

Increase participation in the Griffiths Bike2Work Scheme by 50%

Maintain and enhance biodiversity and ecological resilience and minimise our impact on the natural environment Zero environmental incidents