SEHRT Gen4 & City Centre Schemes

Centred on a network of bus-priority routes, South East Hampshire Rapid Transit builds on the success of local rapid transit services such as the Star, Eclipse and 700, the improved Hard Interchange and Portsmouth Park and Ride.

In September 2020, £56 million from the government’s Transforming Cities Fund (TCF) was awarded to South East Hampshire Rapid Transit (SEHRT) for public transport and active travel improvements. Part of this investment will be used to further plans for rapid transit.

Within the Portsmouth boundary there are 9 schemes that will see an investment of £25 million. This includes development of the road network to improve bus connectivity and people’s journeys to and from buses.

The first phase included development to Rudmore, Portsbridge and Spur Road roundabouts, followed by phases focused on Walking and Cycling schemes, and three schemes in the City Centre.

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