Rowbarton Full Traffic Signals Installation

Griffiths are pleased to have been appointed as the Main Contractor for the Traffic Signals Installation Framework by Somerset County Council.

This project involves the installation of brand new traffic signals, with improved provision for pedestrians and cyclists at the busy junctions of Kingston Road/Greenway Road, Kingston Road/St Andrew’s Road, Cheddon Road/Priorswood Road and the pedestrian crossings on Kingston Road.

In total 4 traffic signal junctions will be refurbished, one being three crossings surrounding a triangular refuge. The junctions being:

  1. Kingston Road/Greenway Road Traffic Signals
  2. Kingston Road/St Andrews Traffic Signals
  3. Cheddon Road/Priorswood Traffic Signals
  4. Kingston Road/Clifton Terrace Pedestrian Crossings

This scheme is part of Somerset County Council’s £9 million county-wide package of work over the next three years to refurbish signal equipment coming to the end of its working life. It’s essential the work happens now as the existing signals, in service for about 40 years, are in a state of disrepair and need replacing as soon as possible.

What’s included?

  • All existing traffic signals will be fully refurbished – underground infrastructure which carries cables must be dug up and removed, along with new poles, and updated equipment installed which is user friendly, including for those who are visually impaired.
  • Overall this should improve traffic flow in this area of town.
  • The new signals and controls are low voltage and eco-friendly in line with Somerset’s Climate Emergency Strategy.
  • Kingston Road/Greenway Road  – new crossing.
  • Kingston Road/St Andrews Road  – improved pedestrian crossing and cycling facilities.
  • Priorswood Road/Cheddon Road – new crossing, better provision for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • There will be wider, improved access to the Rowbarton pelican crossings on Kingston Road.