Worcestershire County Council – IETC and SLR4 Contracts

Griffiths are Worcestershire County Council’s Infrastructure Principal Contractor and have worked with Worcestershire County Council to deliver several major projects. These projects include:

The £8m Hoobrook Link Road

The Hoobrook Link Road is situated within the South Kidderminster Enterprise Park which is one of Worcestershire’s Local Enterprise Partnership’s (WLEP) Strategic Employment sites. Pre-existing traffic congestion was a barrier to economic growth in the immediate and wider Kidderminster area. The new link road provides improved access, connects two key employment corridors, promotes much needed economic growth and relieves traffic congestion.


The £2.5m Eastham Bridge

Eastham Bridge collapsed in May 2016 after one of the bridge piers was victim of scour. Scouring occurs due to fast flowing water and can lead to the removal of sediment around bridge piers.

The bridge reopened to traffic in April 2017 and construction fully completed in September 2017.

Fascinating Facts about the new bridge 

  • The bridge is supported by 12 reinforced concrete pile foundations that go down to a depth of 25 metres
  • Our contractors reclaimed and cleaned 12,500 bricks from the old structure that will be used as cladding for the new bridge
  • The very first vehicle to drive across the bridge was the Lindridge First School minibus, driven by Derek Trow – the same bus and driver that noticed the first signs that the old bridge was about to collapse
  • The main span of the bridge consists of two pairs of braced steel beams, 33 metres long and weighing in at 84 tonnes, which would be the equivalent weight of 15 mature male African elephants
  • The steel has been produced in Britain; manufactured in Teesside, from 504 individually cut steel plates welded into 12 steel girders and 134 angle bracings
  • These were fabricated in Port Talbot, South Wales by long-established family company Braithwaite Engineers Ltd. The company has been trading since the 1880s and were on site to safely oversee the delivery ready for assembly


Battenhall Railway Bridge as part of the Southern Link Road

A new 1500 tonne railway bridge extension over one of Worcester’s key roads was maneuvered into place during a road and rail closure.

The works on the Southern Link Road mark another step closer to Worcestershire County Council’s aim to dual the road from the M5 to Powick roundabout in Worcester.

This video shows an animation of the works.


More than 22,000 tonnes of soil were removed during the works, which were completed using specialist equipment.

During the road and rail closures, more than 4000 person hours and 60 different pieces of significant machinery were needed to complete the bridge move.

The 1500 tonne bridge was lifted as a whole and moved into place to within millimeters of the existing bridge using a piece of machinery called a self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT). This machine is made up of individual modules with wheels that are manually controlled and able to move the lifted bridge in any direction.

Once moved into place, the new bridge was then fixed to the existing bridge and the area to the south was backfilled to make an embankment.

The new railway track was replaced and tested – this included 216 new railway sleepers, 4 lengths of 112-metre-long track and 1200 tonnes of new ballast.

Worcester Southern Link Road

The A4440 Worcester Southern Link Road, is one of Worcestershire’s busiest roads, accessed by over 30,000 cars each week day.

It is an essential part of Worcestershire’s strategic road network and provides an important link between the M5, South and West Worcester, Great Malvern, the wider Malvern Hills district, Ledbury, Upton and Herefordshire.

The A4440 Southern Link Road is also an important bypass to the city center and provides one of only two road crossings of the River Severn in Worcester City.

Griffiths have delivered Phases 1 and 2 so far, with Phase 3 due for completion in 2019. Griffiths were appointed to deliver Phase 4 of the project, from Ketch roundabout to Powick Roundabout, where construction was started in March 2019.

Phase 1

Preparation works to Whittington Roundabout

Phase 2

Improvements to Ketch Roundabout and dualling of the A4440 towards Norton Roundabout

Phase 3

Dualling of the A4440 between Ketch and Whittington Roundabouts

Industry award-winning construction and installation of the Battenhall Bridge extension

Crookbarrow Way Footbridge

Upper Battenhall Farm Accommodation Bridge

More information can be found here

Phase 4

Dualling from Ketch to Powick Roundabouts

Installation of the New Carrington Bridge

Installation of the New Powick Viaduct


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