A379 Slapton Line Reinstatement

Griffiths has been appointed by Devon County Council to reinstate and realign damaged sections of the A379 at Slapton in South Devon, known as the Slapton Line.


Storm Emma – Road Damage

The combination of easterly gales, large waves, high tides and surge conditions during Storm Emma in early March 2018 caused significant damage to the A379 at Slapton Line. Approximately 400 metres of road to the north of Slapton Junction was damaged, requiring its closure.

Proposed Reinstatement of the Road

The release of Government funding enabled Devon County Council to confirm its planned reinstatement of the A379. Originally, it was hoped to base this on a scheme granted planning permission in 2007. However, the extent of the damage has required a new approach.

Two sections of the A379 will be realigned to the north and south of an earlier reinstatement, undertaken in response to storm damage in 2001.

Southern Realignment – this matches the proposed granted planning permission in 2007.

For further information please click the link to Devon County Council’s web site.

Project Location