Civil Engineering Students Site Visit

On 18th April 2018, on the perfect spring day, ten first year civil engineering students from Bath University were invited to visit the A350 Improvement works at Chippenham. They were greeted at Chippenham Railway Station by PLO Jim Aitken and bussed to site.  There they met Griffiths Site Agent, Adrian O’Keefe and Project Manager, Ian Davies, who both talked through an induction and details of the works covering the subjects below before taking them out on a managed visit at key educational points around the A350 works area.

  • Site Induction & introductions
  • Project overview
  • Programme
  • Technical challenges – Earthworks, Bridge
  • Risks – Earthworks suitability for reuse, weather
  • Sustainability – Drainage designed with attenuation, site won material and disposal, reuse of road plainings, capping layer and haul road
  • Health and Safety
  • RAMS Reliability, Availability, Maintainability & Safety
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Site Walkover – Pudding Brook Bridge, North of Chequers, drive through Brook to Badger
  • Return Compound De Brief