A350 Improvements – Chippenham

Griffiths were appointed as Principal Contractors by Wiltshire Council to carry out improvement works on the A350 around Chippenham which will improve traffic flow and ease congestion on this popular route.

Griffiths has completed Phase 3 of the A350 Improvements between July 2017 and December 2018 which includes:

  • Badger to Brook Roundabouts – Dualling 800m+
  • Chequers to Cepen Park Roundabout – Dualling 260m+
  • Chequers A4, A350 arms – Dualling incoming/outgoing arms
  • New Cochran Bridge parallel to existing –  for dualling of the A350 south

The dualling work consists largely of utilising land on the western side of the existing carriageways. To enable these works to be completed during normal daytime working periods, the existing lanes will be narrowed to the minimum width required based on speed limits and traffic types and flows. Temporary white lines and Temporary Vehicle Containment barriers will be placed along the edge of the works area. These initial traffic management establishment works will be completed overnight using lane closures during a July and August and will include removing existing traffic islands, whilst offline works commence on the verges.

Site Clearance and earthworks will be followed by drainage works and kerbing with carriageway works to binder level following behind. The Southbound carriageway works will involve switching lanes as the road surface develops and there will be central reservation works where again traffic will be switched. A new traffic island will be constructed and then work will be completed at the centre of the roundabouts using phased traffic management to minimise disruption. Final surfacing work will be conducted at night using lane closures.

Further information can be found on the Wiltshire Council’s web site.

Sustainability of Materials 

We will seek to use local suppliers and materials with high recycled content. We will recycle and use worn material such as surface planings within the permanent works.

Project Location