Build a Bug Hotel

On our Civil Engineering projects, we are always looking at ways in which we can help protect and support the environment. For example, on many of our projects we have planted wildflowers to attract pollinating insects such as bees and butterflies.  We have built hibernacula’s which not only provide shelter and a safe space for wildlife, they also make excellent homes for the many different species of insects which are essential in ensuring healthy ecosystems. 

A great way that you can help support and protect our wildlife, insects, and the environment at home or in school is by building a bug hotel.

Bug hotels are a great way of recycling old bits of wood, bricks, stones, plant pots and pretty much any natural material you might have lying around. You can build one any time of the year and as big or as small as you like. Build a bug hotel and you could soon see butterflies, bees, ladybugs, woodlice, spiders, snails and maybe even a hedgehog or a frog or two come to stay.

Click here to see how our PLO Georgie Davies built her own bug hotel

Click here for instructions on how you can build your own bug hotel

Once you have built your bug hotel why not print off our “creepy crawly guide” and see if you can find any of the insects in your bug hotel. Remember to treat all the insects you might find with lots of care, as we really need them.

To find out why insects are so important and for more great ideas on building bug hotels please visit these websites and

Why not upload photos of your bug hotel to our twitter feed here