Traffic Updates

6th January 2021 – Traffic Management Update

Temporary Road Closure Hullavington Road

We would like to make you aware of two upcoming road closures and diversions which have been approved following consultation with Wiltshire Council Highways.

Firstly, a temporary road closure of part of Hullavington Road, (C1(S) on the map link below) from immediately west of the Dyson Campus entrance for a distance of approximately 500 meters stopping just before what is known locally as ‘Wibbly Wobbly Lane,’ C1(N) on the map.

The closure will commence on Monday 25th January at 6 am for a period of two weeks. This is to do essential works tying in the new Hullavington Link Road to the old section of road. A diversion map is available via the link below.

Hullavington Road Closure Diversion Route

Access will only be possible from the A429 to Dyson Campus, the Hullavington Road Business Park and the MOD road to Wellington Place (whose traffic will have been switched onto a new section of road and entrance by this time).

The existing 3-way Temporary Traffic Lights (TTL’s) at the junction with the A429 and Hullavington Road will be in place up to and including week commencing Monday 8th February.

A429 Night-time Road Closures

Secondly, week commencing Monday 8th February we shall be working at night preparing the tie in of the A429 and the new roundabout and link road. This will necessitate FIVE overnight road closures of the A429 (Monday to Friday) from 7pm until 6am.

Diversion route signage shall be in place in accordance with the approved diversion routes below.

The 3-way TTL’s at Hullavington Road junction will be reactivated each day after each night shift.

THIS LINK shows the official diversion route for light vehicles (local drivers will be aware of alternative routes), and

THIS LINK shows the official diversion route for heavy goods vehicles.

Should there be any malfunction of the 3-way TTL’s on the A429, the 24hr call out number that will be in operation is our TM contractors ‘Forest’ – 0800 328 5250 (This number will also be advertised on 3 additional signs alongside each traffic light head).

Thank you for your cooperation and apologies for any inconvenience caused.

9th December 2020 – Traffic Management Update

Due to flooding incidents from an on-site water main the programme has been delayed meaning the duration of the 3-way temporary traffic lights (TTL’s) on the A429 have had to be extended. Following discussions with Wiltshire Highways these lights may need to be extended through until February 2021, when we are ready to begin tying the new roundabout into the A429.

Our TM Drawing can be seen here .

Griffiths are currently developing TM / Phasing Plans for the remaining works. These include night-time road closures for tie-in works (early 2021). Further information shall be broadcast on this detail closer to the time.

With groundwork incomplete in the immediate vicinity to the bend on the A429 at this location it would be unsafe to now remove the TM over the Christmas holiday period.

The TTL’s are manned during peak time hours to facilitate priority to traffic volumes, they will be unmanned during the Christmas Holiday period. To date we have had no complaints regarding the TTL’s, and the sequencing seems to be well regulated.

23rd October 2020 – Traffic Management Update

On Monday 2nd November we will be installing 3-way Temporary Traffic Lights at the junction of Hullavington Road and the A429, as we enter our busiest phase of work. We anticipate they will be in place for 4 weeks whilst we continue building the new roundabout and carriageway to replace this junction. There is also drainage work to complete in this section as well as ducting for services.

Our TM Drawing can be seen here .

The pink and red area is the roundabout under construction and safe working area which reduces road capacity for traffic until complete. We appreciate your patience and co-operation during this time.

9th October 2020 – Traffic Management Update

There has been a one week delay in the installation of the temporary traffic lights on the Hullavington Road as below. These will now be installed on Wednesday 14th October. The reason, duration and plan remains the same.

October 2020

We shall be setting up a set of 2-way temporary traffic lights on the Hullavington Road where our new road links onto the existing one.

Click here to view our TM plan.

These will be in place on Wednesday 7th October for approximately 3 weeks.

At this location we are carrying out the remaining earthworks to formation alongside the existing carriageway. We will then install 2 no. 225mm drainage pipes where the existing ditch runs, as this will then run underneath the new link road. At either end of these drainage pipes where they join back into the ditch there will be brick-built headwalls. The carriageway construction of capping stone and subbase will be installed and compacted.

The timings of the temporary lights will be set up in such a way as to minimise any disruption to traffic flows and will be regularly monitored to assess if any amendments are required.