Croeso i / Welcome to our community web site

Here you can find the latest information on the works we are carrying out in your area, how they might affect you and details of any associated community activities.

At Griffiths, we understand that our business doesn’t exist in isolation. What we do has an effect on the community where our sites are located. We do our very best to minimise any negative impacts whilst enhancing the built environment, supporting local economies and developing cohesive communities.

We employ a team of Public Liaison Officers and Community Benefits / Social Value Coordinators. This team is responsible for delivering our Stakeholder Engagement Strategy, consisting of project-specific Customer Care and Communication Plans and Community Benefits / Social Value Plans. Our aim is to ensure all stakeholders are kept informed and updated throughout the construction phase, disruption is minimised and local communities are left better for knowing us.

Griffiths is also committed to changing the image of construction. We apply the Considerate Constructors Scheme’s (CCS) Code of Considerate Practice to all of our projects as standard.  We aim to present an image of competent management, efficiency, awareness of environmental issues and above all neighbourliness, displaying a positive advertisement, for Griffiths and the construction industry as a whole.