Traffic Information

Update – Temporary changes to improve journey times whilst there are road works at Barrow Gurney and Hartcliffe Way

Please click to see details of the temporary changes.


Opening of South Bristol Link Road

Construction of the South Bristol Link Road is now complete.

Safety checks will be made during the first couple of weeks in January and the road will be open to the public from Monday, 16th January 2017.




Resurfacing of South Bristol Link Road A370 Roundabout

We will be surfacing the A370 Roundabout as it ties in with the new South Bristol Link Road we are constructing for Metrobus from Monday, 17th October 2016.

Surfacing will need to be undertaken at night to prevent daytime traffic delays and for safety reasons. As a consequence, it will take six consecutive nights from this date. The agreed authorised working hours for this work is 8pm until 6am.

There could be some noise disturbance during this time as sound travels during the night as the ambient background noise of the day is no longer there to mask the sound. A planer machine will be used during early / late evenings in the first few nights. This will be followed by a tarmac laying machine and lorry deliveries of tarmac during each night. Large lighting towers will be erected in advance.

The A370 will remain open via temporary traffic light control throughout the duration of this work.

Thank you for your patience and apologies for any disturbance caused during this time.



Junction Access and Egress on SBL

Following the recent Notice published in the Bristol Post regarding prescribed manoeuvres at various junctions being constructed on the South Bristol Link Road, we have received requests to explain the junction directions mentioned.

Click here to see the plan which summaries the junction directions  SBL Junction Directions

Information on how to view the official plans can be found on the Notice please click here to view a copy  Legal Notice – Bristol Post.

It should be noted that Brook Gate junction spur to the Park & Ride will be for Metrobuses only.


Night Time Working and Resurfacing Hareclive Road

 Between Monday, 10th and Friday, 15th October we shall be working on Hareclive Road and Whitchurch Road between 8pm and 6am for each of the five nights to enable us to complete resurfacing of the works in this area. We need to do this at night due to the volume of day time traffic and access to businesses.

We will be introducing three-way traffic lights in order to do this during these times.

Traffic lights will remain during the day at various points as cold milling of the carriageway (removing surface layer) may leave open and uneven road surfaces at different locations during this time and we need to be flexible with the traffic lights on each day.

There will be some noise disruption whilst milling the surface before the surface layer of tarmac is laid. Apologies for any disruption and delays caused throughout this period of essential work and thank you for your cooperation and assistance.

sbl aerial


Continued Works Highridge Road – South Bristol Link Road

As part of the ongoing work on the South Bristol Link Road (SBL) we will begin highway construction on the inbound carriageway of the SBL at the Highridge Road Junction on Monday, 3rd October 2016. Temporary Traffic Lights will re-appear to control traffic flow.


sbl aerial