Below is a set of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the construction phase of the South Bristol Link.

This list has been compiled from queries and comments received at our Surgeries and through this web site.

If you would like to raise a question, please use the Contact the Site page.
For further FAQs on the wider Metrobus Scheme please visit the TravelWest web site.

When will you start work on the South Bristol Link?

Works are expected to start on the construction phase shortly after the Easter break.  Significant elements of advanced works have already been undertaken.

How long will the South Bristol Link take to build?

Completion is planned for Winter 2016.

Will you be working through the night?

Griffiths plan to undertake the majority of the works during normal construction working hours.

Monday to Friday 0800 – 1900
Saturdays 0800 – 1300

If any isolated work, outside of these hours is required, all residents in the immediate vicinity will be given prior notification.

My house is on the edge of the route, how will I get in and out of my drive?

Griffiths will ensure all local residents have unobstructed access to and from their property at all times. Prior notification will be given to residents when work is to be undertaken near their property.

What about dust, noise and pollution?

Dust: Griffiths will implement specific measures to control dust on the site
Noise: We will comply with local regulations about noise levels.
Pollution: Our environmental procedures, supervised by our environmental experts, will ensure there are no pollution instances.