Traffic Information

Resurfacing Parson Street / Hartcliffe Way

Resurfacing Letter to Residents

The point has been reached in the works programme to lay surface tarmac on junctions of Parson Street and Hartcliffe Way. To minimise traffic congestion surfacing works will need to be carried out at night for four nights from Sunday 21st May to Wednesday 24th May 2017 during the hours from 7.00pm until work is concluded during each night (this may vary).

Please note that the sections of road shown on the map below will be completely closed to through traffic during these times. Vehicle access to properties in Highbury Road, Parson Street and Hartcliffe Way will be maintained via traffic marshals, but some disruption should be expected.

On Sunday 21st May we will be removing the top layer of the road surface in preparation for tarmacking. This is the noisiest part of the work and will be commenced during the earliest part of the shift.

On Monday 22nd through to Wednesday 24th May, for three nights, the road will be resurfaced. To assist please ensure that your vehicles are not parked on the highway in these areas for surfacing during the following times we are authorised to complete this work; 7.00pm through to 6.00am.

Laying of hot tarmac on the top road surface is very dependent on dry weather. Light rain is manageable but not prolonged heavy rain. Adverse weather conditions may cause a postponement. Tower lighting will be used. A roller will be used so again there will be some noise disruption and vibration at times.



Apologies in advance for any disruption and delays caused throughout this period of essential work and would like to thank you for your continued cooperation and assistance as we work towards the conclusion of our works in this area, we are pleased to add is on schedule.

IN ADDITION, you will notice advanced signage on the approaches to Hartcliffe Way, Headley Lane, Parson Street (both directions) and Bedminster Road.

Should you have any questions or concerns relating to the works, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0845 86 22 327, if I miss your call please leave a message. Alternatively, you can email me at The Travelwest web site has more information on the project

Jim Aitken
Public Liaison Officer
0845 86 22 327 (calls will cost you 2p per min plus your call providers access charge)


New camera to prevent dangerous driving in Vale Lane, Hartcliffe

Motorists who ignore a ‘no entry’ sign to jump queuing traffic on Hartcliffe Way are being warned that their dangerous driving will be captured on CCTV from tomorrow (Friday April 7) and could result in a £50 fine.

The temporary camera will cover the junction of Headley Lane and Vale Lane and has been arranged by the local police team in response to concerns from businesses, residents and Griffiths the contractor, about vehicles driving up Vale Lane against oncoming traffic.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Rob Cheeseman said: “Every motorist knows how frustrating it is when you’re sat in a queue and see other drivers selfishly putting others at risk merely to cut in ahead of you.

Ignoring a ‘no entry’ sign is clearly dangerous, even more so when you add in the speed people are then driving at to try and get up the road before someone comes the other way.  It’s got to stop.

We’ve had officers down at the junction, but we obviously can’t permanently police it in person.  Hopefully, word will get around and the camera itself will act as a deterrent.”

The CCTV footage will be regularly reviewed and motorists caught will receive a fine.

Local businessman Michael Madigan, chairman of The Appeal Group, said: “On an hourly basis, I’m seeing a number of vehicles blatantly ignoring the clear ‘no entry’ signs.   “There are bends on this road, yet people are choosing to drive the wrong way, sometimes at twice the speed limit, risking oncoming traffic or mounting the pavement to get past.  It’s incredibly dangerous and I hope the camera will put an end to this before someone gets hurt.”

No right turn into Parson Street from Hartcliffe Way

Road warning signs have been installed on Hartcliffe Way for inbound traffic approaching the Parson Street junction advising drivers that from Monday 3rd April there will be “No Right Turn” into Parson Street from Hartcliffe Way.  The no right turn is a permanent change to accommodate the new traffic control crossing which will be installed at this junction.


Novers Lane / Hartcliffe Way Temporary 2 Way Traffic Lights

From Monday, 27th February until the end of May, temporary 2 – way traffic lights have been installed at the junction of Novers Lane and Hartcliffe Way to enable Wales and West Utilities to divert a gas main in Novers Lane.

MetroBus Hartcliffe Way one-way restriction: increased police presence and CCTV recording introduced

As part of the MetroBus construction works a one-way restriction and diversion routes were introduced on Hartcliffe Way on Monday night, 16 January. While we are grateful for the positive manner in which most drivers have responded to the changes, we are aware that there has been some potentially dangerous driving in the vicinity of the works.

This has included some heavy vehicles travelling on weight-restricted routes, some vehicles travelling through no-entry restrictions and some vehicles travelling at excessive speeds.

Following discussions with the police we have now arranged for an increased police presence around the works and have introduced CCTV recording in the area. These measures have been introduced to ensure the safety of the public and in particular school children in the areas affected by the works.

Throughout the week the council and its contractor for Hartcliffe Way, Griffiths, have monitored driver behaviour in the area and adjusted signage and traffic management to ensure the system operates as intended. We will continue to carry out these checks as the works progress.

The council is also aware of some dangerous incidents around the MetroBus works at the junction of Sheene Road, West Street and East Street. These include vehicles driving through crossings on green and using the bus-only section of East Street. We will continue to monitor the situation and will take appropriate action to ensure the safety of people in the area.

Councillor Mark Bradshaw, Cabinet Member for Transport said:
“Whilst we would expect a period of settling in when traffic movements change, it’s clear that some of the behaviour we are seeing is deliberate and potentially very dangerous. I’m grateful to Avon and Somerset Police for their support. I’ve been liaising with their senior officers directly on our concerns.

“We all want the works to proceed to plan and for the contractors to complete them at the earliest opportunity, but, in the meantime, traffic management is in place for the safety of pedestrians, other road users and the construction workers themselves.

“We ask that people take note of the signage, drive safely, and are especially careful near schools. I’d like to thank the vast majority of drivers who have responded to the changes with patience and consideration for others.”


About the Hartcliffe Way one-way restriction and diversion routes
The below restrictions and diversion routes were introduced on Monday night, 16th January 2017.

  • Light vehicles, buses and HGVs travelling inbound (north) will use Hartcliffe Way as normal.
  • Light vehicles travelling outbound (south) will be diverted along Novers Hill and Novers Lane.
  • Heavy Goods Vehicles over 7.5 tonnes travelling outbound (south) will be diverted from the Parson Street/Bedminster Road gyratory to the A38 Bedminster Down Road, Bishopsworth Road, Church Road, Whitchurch Road, Whitchurch Lane, and Hengrove Way.
  • All vehicles will have the option of using the new South Bristol Link as an alternative route.
  • Cyclists will be able to use Hartcliffe Way in both directions with some minor disruptions.
  • Buses will be permitted to travel along Hartcliffe Way outbound (south) to reach Vale Lane and travel onwards via Headley Lane.
  • Vehicles will be permitted to travel along Hartcliffe Way outbound (south) to access the businesses on Vale Lane. A bus gate will turn these vehicles back onto Hartcliffe Way at the southern end of Vale Lane.
  • While the Hartcliffe Way one-way restriction is in operation, Novers Hill will be made one-way outbound (south) from the entrance to the Novers Hill Trading Estate to Novers Road.

About the Hartcliffe Way improvement works
The following works are being carried on Hartcliffe Way and Parson Street as part of the MetroBus project:

  • Widening Hartcliffe Way to construct new bus lanes. A new inbound bus lane is being constructed at the northern end of Hartcliffe Way and an outbound bus lane the southern end which will benefit all bus services and improve journey times.
  • Widening Hartcliffe Way and Parson Street to extend the two-lane merge from Bedminster Road and improve southbound traffic flows. This will help to reduce congestion in the area.
  • Remodelling and improving traffic flows at the junction of Parson Street and Hartcliffe Way, with new traffic signals and the removal of the right turn from Hartcliffe Way into Parson Street which will increase capacity for traffic.
  • Relocating the pedestrian crossing on Parson Street near Highbury Road to the new junction.
  • Removing and replanting trees and hedgerows along the route.
  • Providing an improved north-south link that will give residents better access to Cribbs Causeway and Aztec West in the north and the Hospital and facilities at Hengrove Park in the south.

About the Sheene Road junction improvement works
Major improvements are being made to the junction of Sheene Road, East Street and West Street. The road is being realigned to improve traffic flows, and a new pedestrian island and crossings are being installed. The footways are being widened outside the Albert Lounge and on the section of East Street opposite St John’s Street (next to the Diamond Street car park). Planting of new trees is also proposed where space permits.

To carry out these works is necessary to temporarily ban the traffic the movement from Cannon Street/East Street onto the Sheene Road junction. The restriction will be in place for around 12 weeks.

About the MetroBus Network
MetroBus is a new rapid public transport service coming to the West of England area. It is a joint project between Bristol City Council, North Somerset Council and South Gloucestershire Council.

MetroBus is designed to quickly transport large numbers of people through a combination of segregated busways and bus lanes. The MetroBus network will provide faster routes from south Bristol to the city centre and north Bristol, and will remove the need to change buses in the city centre for many travellers.

Hartcliffe Way Temporary One-Way Restriction

In order to widen Hartcliffe Way and construct the new bus lane we need to introduce a temporary one-way traffic restriction on Hartcliffe Way. The one-way system will be introduced in January 2017 and will be in place for approximately 10 months. The precise start date of the one-way restriction will be announced closer to time through the media, the MetroBus website and advance-notice signs in the area.

Click here to see the proposed Route Diversions  Hartcliffe Way – Route Diversions – January 2017


On Monday, 16th January diversion signs will be displayed advising motorists of the roads affected.  Over the following weeks works will begin on the Metrobus route along Hartcliffe Way and Parson Street.

During the Hartcliffe Way diversion access for customers and deliveries to Vale Lane businesses is permitted. 

Please note that Vale Lane is one way from Parson Street towards Headley Park south bound only. 

There is a No-Parking restriction in force on both sides of Vale Lane as this is now a temporary bus route. 

These restrictions will stay in force for approximately 10 months.