Traffic Information – Cold Harbour Lane

Stoke Lane / Frenchay Park Road Traffic Management Update

The work on Stoke Lane is due to complete early autumn. The road is being widened to accommodate a new bus lane this means diverting utilities, installing new drains, realigning the kerb and building a retaining wall. While this work is taking place there will be narrow lanes with occasional short length, short term traffic lights to protect the work force.

The application of stone cladding to the new retaining wall on Stoke Lane has now been completed.

From Monday, 17th July there will be three way lights in operation at the junction between Stoke Lane and Frenchay Park Road for two weeks. These will be manually controlled at peak times between 7.00-9.30 am and 3.30–6.00pm. From 31st July until the first week of September, they will revert back to their current operation until the junction work is completed and the permanent lights installed and operational. The temporary lights will continue to be manually controlled at peak times between 7.00-9.30 am and 3.30–6.00pm until this time.

Stoke Lane / Coldharbour Lane Traffic Management Update 

As a consequence of a change in design for drainage as from Monday 31st July, three way traffic lights will be installed in Longdown Avenue and Coldharbour Lane. These will be manually controlled at peak times between 7.00-9.30 am and 3.30–6.00pm. We anticipate this work will continue until the end of August.

Road Closure Wright Way for Drainage Work

Wright Way will be closed to traffic for a period of 2 weeks commencing 23rd August 2017 due to a change in design, concerning a large diameter 900mm attenuation drain now crossing Wright Way which was not originally anticipated. It is hoped this work will be finished sooner than the 2 weeks anticipated. During this time traffic will need to enter and egress Stoke Park estate via Lancelot Road. Apologies to residents for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we work towards conclusion of this work on Cold Harbour Lane.






Update Monday 30th January 2017 – Traffic Management Change

On Monday, 30th January 2017 the current one directional traffic management on the Metrobus works on Stoke Lane will change and revert to two directional narrow lanes whilst work continues on the eastern verge of the road. These will remain until the work is completed in this area currently scheduled for July/August. However, Temporary Traffic Lights will be required for some work at times such as drainage, kerbing, ducting and installation of crossings, we will keep these as short in length and duration as possible.

Whilst the speed limit remains unchanged along Stoke Lane motorists are advised to drive carefully as lanes will be restricted in width to facilitate improved circulation of traffic.


Update Thursday 24th November 2016

As from Monday 12th December, the one-way system at Stoke Lane will be reversed and traffic will head northwards towards UWE.

Councillor Colin Hunt, Leader of the Joint Transport Board said: ‘We have listened to what residents and commuters have been telling us and we have been monitoring the situation on Stoke Lane and the surrounding area for several weeks. Traffic Officers at both South Gloucestershire and Bristol Councils have been working together to find an alternative that would address concerns of both commuters and local residents without causing more congestion on the wider road network.’

The new one-way system would allow traffic to flow north rather than south. This will make it easier for commuters to reach UWE and Abbey Wood during the morning peak period. Also by reversing the one-way system it will enable the contactors, Griffiths, to re-schedule their work programme and restore Stoke Lane to two-way traffic by the beginning of February 2017, weather permitting.

The MetroBus work will continue until the summer of 2017 with occasional short duration, short length temporary traffic lights for specific pieces of work.

The changes will take place Monday, 12th December to allow enough time for commuters to reorganise their journeys and for the bus operators to change and make known their timetables.

The reversal of the one-way system will be on an experimental basis and further public meetings will be arranged in January to review the changes and gain feedback from local residents and community groups.

Please see for information about how bus services will operate whilst the one-way system is in place. You can also call Traveline on 0871 200 2233 for up-to-date information on bus services.

The Travelwest web site has more information on the project.


Stoke Lane -Briefing Note

 This Briefing Note has been provided by Metrobus as an explanation to the Stoke Lane Road Works, the process which led to the one-way traffic decision and the wider benefits of Metrobus.