Progress Update

Llandaf Station Car Park Closure 11pm 20th May 2017 until 11pm - 21st May

Llandaf Station car park will be closed from 11pm Saturday, 20th May 2017 until 11pm, Sunday, 21st May 2017. This is for resurfacing and other works.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.



28th February 2016 - Update

Works at Llandaf are now well under way. The car park has seen major excavations with over 1,000 Tonnes of waste material taken away for recycling.

  • The Tarmac process commenced on Zone 1 (from the entrance) of the car park on 28th February
  • It is anticipated most of the car park will be finished by the end of March
  • Work has commenced on the Station for the installation of new lighting and CCTV systems
  • It is important that pedestrians use the protected and signposted walkway to avoid moving vehicles
20th February 2017 - Update

Water harvesting gets underway at Griffiths Llandaf Station.  The water will be used for cleansing tools and general cleaning rather than use tap water.

13th February 2017 - Update



Drainage works continue and kerbing stones are now going into position

30th January 2017 - Update

Zone 1 of the car park nears completion with approximately 500 tonnes of back-fill placed on top of the new drainage system

16th January 2017 - Update
  • New drainage starts going in at Llandaf Train Station car park

10th January 2017 - Update
  • Progress continues on the removal of the existing car park  in preparation for the new drainage, foundations and surface


December 2016
  • 20.12.16 A Drop-In session took place at Lew’s Coffee Shop attended by a good number of local residents, Mrs Julie Morgan AM and County Councillor Ali


From left to right: Dilwar Ali – County Councillor, Mrs Julie Morgan AM, Steen Evans – Project Manager and Chris Courtney – Griffiths Trainee Engineer

  • 14.12.16 Work to remove the existing car park surface started
  • 5.12.16 Set-up work commenced