Hereford City Link Road

The scheme will consist of the following:

  • A new link road between the A465 Commercial Road and A49 Edgar Street referred to as City Link Road (CLR)
  • Public transport, pedestrian and cycle infrastructure improvements
  • Public Realm Improvements
  • A new multi-modal Transport Hub at Hereford railway station


Why is the link road needed?

To enable the delivery of Edgar Street Grid regeneration area, a major mixed use development that will provide in the region of 800 new homes (35% of which will be affordable) and help provide hundreds of new jobs. The new link road will and regeneration will provide:

  • Provide access to the new development
  • Alleviate some of the volume of heavy traffic from Hereford’s inner ring road.
  • Enable Newmarket and Blueschool Streets to be upgraded for easier pedestrian movement and reduce “through traffic”
  • Improve the public realm and create better walking, cycling and public transport infrastructure thereby better integrating new development with the historic city core;
  • Enhance links between the railway station, the city centre and the ESG regeneration;
  • Improve east-west access between the A465 and A49 (T) north of Hereford city centre
  • Improve access to, and interchange infrastructure at Hereford railway station
  • Help address the decline in Hereford’s traditional role as a regional economic hub and meet the national agenda for economic growth


Hereford CLR Plan of Works

hereford clr plan of works

Project Location